2022 Artist Statement

Encroachment” examines the interaction of nature and the structures we build. I am seeking to show how nature reclaims once our structures are neglected and decay.


The repetitive and often symmetrical patterns we create in our structures are presented in contrast to the often-chaotic patterns that exist in nature. By layering the photographic and screen-print images as a representation of the interaction between the man made and nature. The work is inspired by the artists like Andy Warhol, Stephen Gill and Dieter Roth in its production and seeks to reflect the idea of being aware of the environment and how it will renew itself if we leave it alone.


My goal is to highlight how we as human beings are interacting with the environment and to show how we can allow nature to reclaim itself with minimal interaction by ourselves. The concept of saving the planet should be about the planet and not us saving what we want to.